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HAIRtamin Presents MOM Complete Prenatal and Postnatal plus Hair Nutrition Multivitamin

BIOTIN HAIR GROWTH VITAMINS - 30 DAY SUPPLY Packed with vitamins, minerals & super antioxidants,


  • Gluten free formula
  • Naturally boosts energy levels*
  • Probiotics for enhanced digestion*
  • Digestive enzyme complex to ease morning sickness*
  • Promotes an overall healthy pregnancy & fetal development*
  • 100% Gluten free. Vegetarian capsules. Cruelty Free.


Our bodies go through marveling changes throughout pregnancy. Often times, our hair changes too with hair shedding or thinning being a common side effect-that’s why HAIRtamin MOM was born. This synergistic blend of bioavailable vitamins, minerals, herbs, enzymes & super-antioxidants help nourish both you, your baby and yes, your hair!