Kitsch Derma planer eco-friendly 12-pack


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This bulk pack of dermaplaners does it all! Remove excess hair and dead skin from the face to create a beautiful, fresh glow. Smoother makeup application and increased absorption of serums (because hair and dead skin is out of the way) are major benefits of dermaplaning. Shape eyebrows and enjoy a fresh complexion with these handy tools.


How to Use

  • Hold blade at a 45-degree angle and gently brush down the skin in the same direction of hair growth.
  • Do not dermaplane directly over acne or irritated skin.
  • Repeat every 3/4 weeks or once skin cell rejuvenation has completed.

Multipurpose tool does it all - hair removal, exfoliation, eyebrow shaping and more

Stainless Steel

100% stainless steel blade. 12 pack of razors will be long lasting. Recommended for use every 3-4 weeks.