We are a clean brand

At Dr Wima Beauty, we formulate with strict standards, choosing to exclude thousands of ingredients from all of our products including the 5 categories that are considered the top “dirty" ingredients in the beauty industry.
We promise you will never find these suspicious ingredients in any of our products.
NO Parabens

Cheap preservative that has been linked to hormone disruption, infertility and breast cancer (used in cleansers and cosmetics in general)



Cheap cleansing agent that produces foam and is harsh and irritating (often used in toothpaste, shampoos, soaps and cleansers) the more bubbles = the more SLS. These chemicals are skin irritants, hormone disruptors and carcinogenic.


NO Phthalates

Chemical solvents used in hair products, perfumes, detergents, automotive oils. They are absorbed through the skin and can damage the reproductive system and are linked to hormone disruption "gender benders"


NO Animal-derived Ingredients

Besides the hormone disruption or allergy issue, the animals used in experiments are confined to small cages and bred in inhumane conditions, but they’re also subjected to tests that are beyond cruel. They’re tortured, blinded, and ultimately killed.To formulate our products, we choose from a list of 7000 ingredients that are already proven to be safe, mainly ingredients that have been part of beauty rituals for centuries, they have stood the test of time. This is what makes our products vegan-friendly.

NO Synthetic Dyes & Fragrance
Artificial fragrance is much cheaper than natural ingredients that impart scent such as essential oils. this is why when essential oils are the source of the smell, the price of the product is more expensive. Artificial fragrances can cause skin irritation, worsen allergies, eczema and skin sensitivity.

Dyes are derived from petrochemicals & often contain chemicals like mercury and lead. They cause allergies and irritation and are also suspected to be carcinogenic.